While not recommended, I use a ZFS on Linux in combination with an external USB drive.

One of these drives was setup before I knew about the issues arising from stand-by/disconnet during usage of a ZFS pool that has a path with the old drive schema (sda, sdb, …) instead of the recommended identification by ID.

A pool affected by such an event goes into state: SUSPENDED instead of ONLINE and the easiest fix in that case is a reboot — there is a way to move the path and (re-)import the pool, but I would recommend that only as a last resort, if you’re unable to fix the setup completly. If you’re so desperate you’ll find several gists on your own.

To mitigate the issue, the pool can be changed to use the disk identified by ID:

zpool export pool
zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id pool

Check the pool’s path with zpool status -v or zdb afterwards.